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Like a lot of people who grew up with television, I started writing fan fiction before I knew there was a term for it. Most of my work has, thankfully, disappeared over the years, but some has been published in various print fanzines.

Now I'm playing on the Web. Here you'll find only a few works; I don't write much because I don't write quickly, and the rest of my life doesn't leave much time for putting fantasies on paper -- er, disk.

I write a lot of slash. That means love stories in which the lovers are the same sex. There are a lot of those here. You'll also find here, though, some of my gen stories -- the further adventures of characters I've loved to watch. I've played in a variety of media universes, from Due South to old-style Battlestar Galactica, from Waterworld to Star Trek: Voyager.

I've had fun with these. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Gen stories

"Rescuing Andrea," written in 1983, my obligatory rescue-Starbuck story for old-style Battlestar Galactica. Strand that sweet, social guy all by his lonesome on a desert planet? What were they thinking? [notes on the story]

"The Forsaken Merman," rated PG, written the day after Waterworld premiered. Set before the movie starts, it may be the only piece of Waterworld fanfic in existence. Dare to read it! [notes on the story]

"Chicago Burning," a Due South story written in 1996 that originally appeared in Compass Points 2. Why is an arsonist targeting the low-rent end of Chicago? And, more important, does every nutcase planning for the end of the millennium want to talk to Ray Vecchio? [notes on the story]

Wallpapers for SG-1

Ah, the pleasures of early-season Daniel Jackson.... Images are from, &, with some artifact-type images from various art history sites. Please feel free to enjoy them on your own desktop!

A tribute to wonderment & to adventure
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A wry look at Daniel's particular style of archaeology, with a quote about That Other Archaeologist-Adventurer
640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x968

Another version, with an extra picture
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A "Danny-quilt," with a border of quotes,
both classical & classic Daniel
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The "Danny-quilt" without the border
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Slash stories are stories about two media characters of the same sex who are in love. Most of mine are rated NC-17 and are very explicit. They're also on another page. Please don't look unless you're an adult and not likely to be offended.

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